Keep Spirit

by Honest People

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released May 12, 2009


written and performed by Michael Warren
recorded 2008-2009 at home
tracks 1,3,4,8 in Los Angeles - 2,5,6,7 in Brooklyn
vocals on tracks 1,3 by Madeline Gorman
trumpet and trombone on tracks 1,4 by Tyler Greenleaf
horns recorded at the Junkshop, Toronto - engineered by Dave MacKinnon

painting "Night Swim" by Michelle Blade -


all rights reserved



Honest People Tokyo, Japan


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Track Name: Channel Islands
looking into sky
over your shoulder i
see the channel islands

it is enough to start
if we only begin
everyone wins

i believe in everything
Track Name: April 22, 2009
maybe did, or did not do
hold my hand, i believe in you
in my heart you planted the seed

hand in hand, face to face
shoulders and arms and waist
on the steps you swam into me

when the wind and rain blow strong
the roots and grass grow long

grow long
Track Name: Keep Spirit
i forgot when i got shoved
i'm made of what everyone else is made of
and i was only really pushing me

hold hate, hold a grudge
what can come of holding?
i think it's not enough

hate can't stop hate
i know it's not too late
i'm not afraid anymore

i cannot know
but want to learn
we're not alone
Track Name: The Man-Pig Boy
light fell down
and slid around
the gold faced boy
heartbeat sand
the man-pig boy

why do we run to go
why does the water slow
following the man-pig boy
Track Name: I Will Return
i will run into where i am from
i will open my hands
i won't run - that is all i have to learn
i will come and into you i will return

in my life i've gone
chasing right to wrong
but it is you i want to know
and into you i will return
Track Name: We've Been Friends
in my life i've found a way
to balance out work and play
i know you found out too
to think or to not think of her
is very hard if she's thinking too
i think about you

oh, you gave me the water
when we put the song in your hand
oh, we chose to boil the water
when you sang "we've been friends"
Track Name: Someday Is Now
do what you please
if you cannot wait to go
pull what you nee
because you've got so far to go

i was not there
did you know?
i'm ready to see you off
but i hate to see you go

it must be true
someday is now
just follow through
i know that you know how

i was not prepared
did you know?
you're ready to take off
but do you know where to go?

oh you do?
oh yes you do
how can anyone be anything but proud of you
i know you know
you know you can go
and you're going to get going soon